Preventing and Reversing Chronic Kidney Disese
Preventing and Reversing Chronic Kidney Disese

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MP3 audio format of the 12 Weeks to Wellness and Optimal Health Session #8.

Most of us do not think much about our kidneys and yet when healthy they filter and detoxify all of our blood more than 20 times each day!

New studies show that 6 out of 10 American's will develop kidney disease. The good news is that the majority of kidney disease can be prevented and often reversed by paying attention to the factors that gradually damage the functions of the kidneys.

Even mild kidney damage increases our risk of a heart attack or stroke. Carefully evaluating kidney function with blood or urine testing is valuable for early detection of kidney disfunction and therefore changing our risk for many health complications.

Suboptimal kidney function can promote weight gain, diabetes, cancer and much more. In this session we will learn the powerful influence of Vitamin D in reversing chronic kidney disease and how the normal process of detoxification by the kidneys protect us from autoimmune disease and heart disease.

Case studies and proper applications of lab testing recommendations will be discussed.

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